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Item Baby Bath Book
Size(cm) 10*10/10*12/12*12/15*15,customized of bath book
Material EVA/PEVA/PVC and etc
Thickness 0.18mm,customized
Color full color
Package 1pcs/ opp poly bag or with head card of bath book
Place of origin Zhejiang,China
The Strengths of Bath Book:                                                                                                               1.Safety: the bath book is nonpoisonous, soft, not allergic, and it can not be torn easily. It is safe enough to bite by babies. Our bath book possess a high standard which is approved by European and US safety testing about the toxic substance.
2.Waterproof: it can be read by babies for bath play time.
3.Easy-to-clean: you can just shake off  the water or wipe dry with a clean towel before using it.
4.Colorful .
5.Attract babies’ attention:. customized cartoon and animal designs based on its material and processing technology can easily catch babies’ attention.

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